Aug 29

New Feature: View Your Timeline for [Service Name]

For those of you using the site in the last 6 hours (yes, that was 3:30 AM for us), you may have noticed something different about the main page you see when you’re logged in. Well, what you are seeing is our newest feature, and it allows you to view you and your friend’s updates [...]

Aug 28

Updating.Me’s Adobe® AIR™ App

Many of you all have asked us or stated somewhere that you love this service, but wish there was a desktop application to use it through. Well, ask and you shall receive. So, here it is, our Adobe AIR application.
The application is really simple: just log in and start posting updates. We’ve also added the [...]

Aug 24

TWiT Army? Sir, Yes Sir.

As soon as we were notified about TWiT’s micro-blogging service, we were planted in front of our monitors getting that nice LCD tan that we get and chugging away at getting TWiT Army added as a service.
For those of you who don’t know, TWiT Army is Leo Laporte’s and TWiT’s new micro-blogging service based on [...]

Aug 23

Koornk, There It Is

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet (I am a little late on posting this, busy day yesterday), but we have added Koornk as a service. Got in contact with one of the developers of Koornk yesterday morning, and worked with him for a few hours and got the service up and running. Big [...]

Aug 21

Rejaw Service Added

As we promise, we are adding new services all the time. At this point, we are happy to announce that we have added support for Rejaw. Through Updating.Me, you can now post shouts to your Rejaw account http://pharmaciein….evitra.
Don’t have a Rejaw account? Go get one
Have a suggestion on what service(s) we should add next to [...]

Aug 15

Private Beta Underway

As of today, cialis tablets price in india, well a few days ago if you were lucky, Updating.Me is out of internal alpha and into private beta. What’s this mean? Well anyone who can snag a beta code is able to register now. We’re trying to make the beta codes fairly easy to get for [...]

Jul 28

Alpha Testing FTW

Very happy to announce that as of today, levitra online india, internal Alpha testing has started. We’re watching our server closely, to determine how hard we have to work our hamsters to keep the site running. Initial tests look promising *crosses fingers*
Once our initial tests have completed, we will start opening up a small number [...]