Aug 29


For those of you using the site in the last 6 hours (yes, that was 3:30 AM for us), you may have noticed something different about the main page you see when you’re logged in. Well, what you are seeing is our newest feature, and it allows you to view you and your friend’s updates on individual services (not all of them are supported… yet) just as you would if you were visiting the actual website.

This feature came out of what we have been noticing is a small problem with Updating.Me. We’ve noticed it’s great for broadcasting your messages out, but participating in each of the communities was a bit lacking. It’s hard to see what your friends and people you are following are doing on the services, so sending out replies from Updating.Me was almost non-existent. So we think the View your timeline for [Service Name] is going to really help out with this.

A few things to note about the feature so far.

It currently only supports the following services:

  • Twitter
  • Rejaw
  • TWiT Army
  • Koornk

So if you have any of those setup, you should see the service in the “Select Service” drop down.

We are also not currently automatically fetching your service timelines; you’ll have to do that manually by clicking the refresh icon . This was the best way we could limit the server loads for both our server and the remote service’s server. But, this way you are able to update it when you want.

You are sort of not able to view your full timeline from that service. For most services we are only fetching the 20 newest messages for it. We think this will be more than suitable for most of our users, but please let us know if you think we need to be grabbing more.

We know this feature is still new and that there are many ways that we can improve upon it, but we are looking for your ideas to help us improve it.  Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think about this feature.

Aug 28

Many of you all have asked us or stated somewhere that you love this service, but wish there was a desktop application to use it through. Well, ask and you shall receive. So, here it is, our Adobe AIR application.

The application is really simple: just log in and start posting updates. We’ve also added the functionality to easily add images to your updates by simple dragging an image from your desktop onto the app and uploading it.

Please be aware that the application is in beta, so it may be a bit buggy. We’ve been testing it for the last few days and haven’t come across any errors, but that doesn’t mean some weird ones might not pop up somewhere. If you do find an error, or are having problems, go leave us some feedback.

Once again, the link to get the application is

Please leave any comments you have about the application.

One more thing for any developers out there, the release of our AIRâ„¢ application means that we are almost ready to open up our API to the public, we just need to get a few things in order and you should be able to start making your own applications.

Aug 24

As soon as we were notified about TWiT’s micro-blogging service, we were planted in front of our monitors getting that nice LCD tan that we get and chugging away at getting TWiT Army added as a service.

For those of you who don’t know, TWiT Army is Leo Laporte’s and TWiT’s new micro-blogging service based on the open source Laconica micro blogging software (same as We love This Week in Tech and Leo Laporte over here at Updating.Me so we wanted to get this service out as quickly as possible, and we feel like we did (possible because it is almost identical code to

If you don’t have a TWiT Army account already, go check it out and get yourself one.

Aug 23

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet (I am a little late on posting this, busy day yesterday), but we have added Koornk as a service. Got in contact with one of the developers of Koornk yesterday morning, and worked with him for a few hours and got the service up and running. Big thanks goes out to them for helping us get the service added quickly http://pharmaciein…agra-soft.

Don’t know what Koornk is? In their own words:

koornk is your personal shouting place that lets you stay in touch with your friends via short, quick messages. It works the other way too. And all you have to do is tell your friends (and the world) what are you doing at the moment.

If you haven’t already, we recommed checking it out. Head on over to koornk and get an account.

We have a few more services that we’re planning on adding in the near future, but as always feel free to contact us and tell us which services/features you’d like to see.

Aug 21

As we promise, we are adding new services all the time. At this point, we are happy to announce that we have added support for Rejaw. Through Updating.Me, you can now post shouts to your Rejaw account http://pharmaciein….evitra.

Don’t have a Rejaw account? Go get one

Have a suggestion on what service(s) we should add next to Updating.Me? Leave a comment and we’ll look into it and do our best to incorporate it into our site.

Aug 15

As of today, cialis tablets price in india, well a few days ago if you were lucky, Updating.Me is out of internal alpha and into private beta. What’s this mean? Well anyone who can snag a beta code is able to register now. We’re trying to make the beta codes fairly easy to get for now, but we’ll have to be watching our server load and making sure we don’t get in over our heads .

For anyone who already has an account, you should see a beta code in the upper right hand corner of the site when you are logged in. All logged in members can see this code and we limit that codes usage to a certain number of users. So if you see that code, feel free to give it out to your friends and let them register with it.

Can’t find anyone with a code? Head over to our Invites page and get on the list to get one yourself. Here you can get a bulk beta code as well if you want to write a blog post about us and want to be able to give a code out to your readers so they can register.

Just for fun, and because we’re nice, a beta code with limited number of spots just to make it easier: iReadTheBlog

Enter that “iReadTheBlog” (without quotes) in the registration form and it’ll work until it doesn’t. If we remember, we’ll be nice and let you know here when it has been all used.