Aug 28

Many of you all have asked us or stated somewhere that you love this service, but wish there was a desktop application to use it through. Well, ask and you shall receive. So, here it is, our Adobe AIR application.

The application is really simple: just log in and start posting updates. We’ve also added the functionality to easily add images to your updates by simple dragging an image from your desktop onto the app and uploading it.

Please be aware that the application is in beta, so it may be a bit buggy. We’ve been testing it for the last few days and haven’t come across any errors, but that doesn’t mean some weird ones might not pop up somewhere. If you do find an error, or are having problems, go leave us some feedback.

Once again, the link to get the application is

Please leave any comments you have about the application.

One more thing for any developers out there, the release of our AIRâ„¢ application means that we are almost ready to open up our API to the public, we just need to get a few things in order and you should be able to start making your own applications.