Aug 15

As of today, cialis tablets price in india, well a few days ago if you were lucky, Updating.Me is out of internal alpha and into private beta. What’s this mean? Well anyone who can snag a beta code is able to register now. We’re trying to make the beta codes fairly easy to get for now, but we’ll have to be watching our server load and making sure we don’t get in over our heads .

For anyone who already has an account, you should see a beta code in the upper right hand corner of the site when you are logged in. All logged in members can see this code and we limit that codes usage to a certain number of users. So if you see that code, feel free to give it out to your friends and let them register with it.

Can’t find anyone with a code? Head over to our Invites page and get on the list to get one yourself. Here you can get a bulk beta code as well if you want to write a blog post about us and want to be able to give a code out to your readers so they can register.

Just for fun, and because we’re nice, a beta code with limited number of spots just to make it easier: iReadTheBlog

Enter that “iReadTheBlog” (without quotes) in the registration form and it’ll work until it doesn’t. If we remember, we’ll be nice and let you know here when it has been all used.

Jul 28

Very happy to announce that as of today, levitra online india, internal Alpha testing has started. We’re watching our server closely, to determine how hard we have to work our hamsters to keep the site running. Initial tests look promising *crosses fingers*

Once our initial tests have completed, we will start opening up a small number of slots to the public and begin to increase our userbase slowly.

If you are interested in getting in early, please email matt at updating dot me and we’ll shoot you an invite code as soon as we start giving them out.